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Residential complex "Gagarin Plaza I" -

one of the best deals in real estate in Odessa and even in Ukraine.


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Complex "Gagarin Plaza I" consists of two 22-storey buildings, located in the heart of Gagarin plateau in Arcadia. Built with a focus on advanced European technology, houses are distinguished by higher performance in terms of safety: earthquake resistance of buildings up to 8 points, the fireprotection system, smoke removal system and alarm.

Advanced engineering techniques used in the construction include:

- ventilated facades of sustainable corrosion profile and aluminum panels;
- panoramic windows from floor to ceiling with the use of energy-saving glass of Belgian tempered, tinted, reflective glass;
- silent elevators "OTIS", connecting the lower level parking garage and apartment on the 22nd floor;
- finish lower zone ceramic-granite buildings.

Complex "Gagarin Plaza I" Full Authority: boilers «Viessmann» in each house its own diesel generator to provide power to the technical equipment of the first category, a pumping station with a supply of water for 3 days.There are also another reasons, why "Gagarin Plaza I" is attractive for purchase or long-term investment: developed infrastructure, a unique geographical location, excellent transport interchange, own microclimate and the main recreation area - 1 minute from the sea ...

The residential complex "Gagarin Plaza I" has a two-level parking garage for sale, and for those who wish to do business provides office space.

"Gagarin Plaza I" contact our sales department by phone +38 048 770-50-90. Sales office located on-site and works seven days a week.

Sea - is an eternal movement, and love, eternal life. (J. Verne).

We offer you to enjoy every moment of life lived in the flat LCD "Gagarin Plaza I»


3Parking Lots
The parking lot is designed to be made of a monolithic ferroconcrete ossature with the bridging of flat monolithic ferroconcrete slabs with the thickness of 300 mm, with framing beams along the perimeter in the body of each slab (for usage under high loads for fire engines).



Fire Safety

For safe living, there are the following fire safety systems provided in the complex: - fire alarm; - smoke removal; - fire warning; - fire fighting (own pumping station with the necessary water reserve); - external fire fighting and other measures.


There will be a centralized TriplePlay system mounted in the buildings, which allows to provide the delivery of the following services to each apartment and office in one package: - High-quality Internet; - IP television; - IP telephony; - Video surveillance; - Video intercom; - Modern communication system (transfer services of data, voice and video within the Internet networks).


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